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I like vegan food and kisses

I’m laying in bed playing animal crossing while nick cooks pancakes (it’s his turn we have them basically every Sunday) and he’s singing along to the music he’s listening to and it’s really nice and I love him a lot


it’d be $100 per week or $150 if you bring along a person to share your room with you, aka a romantic buddy or super close friend or even a sibling

but yeah I need a new housemate so plz come live with me

srsly. I live in geelong. hit me up off anon if you’re looking for a place and aren’t an asshole xoxo

My best friend is at a bar in the UK and Iwan Rheon is there, just casually playin pool.

He asked her to pass him his jacket and grinned, and now he’s bought everyone drinks and is asking her why she’s drinking wine.

I don’t think anyone loves me as much as I need them to.


I just want to be pretty

pretty pretty pretty

I want to throw up.

I’m going to lose so much weight while living here because I just can’t justify spending money on unhealthy foods that aren’t going to fill me up, nor give me the energy I need to get through the day.
Plus I’m too poor to really afford anything to eat anyway.

I feel so deeply alone here.
I can’t wait until Friday night, when Nick will (hopefully) be here with me.

I’m scared of having more nightmares.

my boyfriend’s friends are so nice aw

omfg the creepiest thing just happened
I was scrolling through a blog on my phone and hit a song and it started playing but I hadn’t noticed and I kept scrolling and
It was Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap which starts with a deep breath it WHICH IS THE SCARIEST THING TO EVER HEAR WHEN YOU’RE LYING NAKED AND ALONE IN YOUR ROOM AT 2AM.